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PermalinkSubmitted: 3:44 am on Aug-12-2018By: anniesmarket.co.uk

The discountdragon.net domain has been mine since 2009. Long before it was linked to my own shop,
it already pointed the way to my activities on Ebay in the Netherlands. I maintained my well kept
account quite proudly, selling handcrafted items, crafts supplies and preloved products, much like
I'm working on doing again in my own shop now. Unfortunately the Dutch Ebay community went through
a long period of decline and when on top of that Ebay introduced a significant increase in charges
and fees, it became too costly to use for small item sellers like me.

I chose to move my activities to another large Dutch advertising site which along the basics was free
to use. While I'm sure it's a place to works great for many, I quickly learned that it had it's
disadvantages. Open to all without any significant verification, it's unfortunately popular with those
that have less than stellar intentions, causing both buyers and sellers to be equally at risk of getting
scammed in a variety of ways.

That's when plans for my own website started to form and it wasn't very long after that, that the first
version of my website could be found here. From there it grew to be my home-based shop located in a
corner of my very small Dutch flat.

We moved to England in 2015 and of course, so did Discountdragon. It was a big change for myself as well
as the shop, and being only human, I took some time off from adding new products in favour of getting
settled in my new life, home and job. In the mean time Discountdragon was redesigned to be mobile friendly
and once that was done, I was more than happy to dive back in and be the owner of the discountdragon.net
domain for many more years to come.

The good news is that I'm still happily diving back in, that I have an array of handmade and preloved items
lined up to be photographed so that they can be listed in the shop, and that there are even solid plans to
expand the shop with the creations of a greeting card designer after this summer.

The bad news is that I have discovered that malware was created that coincidentally has the exact same name
as my little shop. It dominates all search engine results, making it all but impossible for a little shop
like mine to gain even the slightest bit of public exposure. It also adds a very negative association to a
name that I've worked hard to keep in good standing for many years.

Rather than to make my shop fight an ongoing battle that it just can't win, I have decided that it's time
to find the shop a new name and suitable domain. It's a change that won't happen overnight and a new name
has not been chosen yet, but it is something that will definitely happen in the near future. I look forward
to choosing a fresh, new "face" for these pages but leave behind the Discountdragon name with a touch of
sadness in my heart.

In the mean time it's business as usual, and be sure that no sudden changes will be made. Any and all changes
will be timely announced here and on our Facebook page.

Thank you for reading.
Ann - Discountdragon.net