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Well, here I am, finding myself with a blog attached to my online shop for the very first time.
It's exactly what I wanted, I'm happy it's there and I look forward to becoming accustom to writing
blog posts regularly.

Today I'd like to start off by introducing myself and my shop. After all, it's always good to know
who you're dealing with online.

My name is Ann and I'm the shop owner here at discountdragon.net. At this time I'm 48 years of age
and I'm a Dutch woman living in the beautiful North-East of England. Discountdragon.net has been online
for quite some time already, but most of that time it mainly served to aid in the development of the
Zell 4.0 modular website platform created by Markeydesign.

There were always products and images available to see in the shop, but only on very rarely has it been
possible for anyone to buy anything. Payment options were kept disabled so that only if someone used the
contact option to ask about purchasing a product, the option to buy was made available. Now all of
that has changed and with all functions enabled, my online shop is finally ready to be an actual online shop.

It will be obvious from the products in my shop that I'm a crafting person. In recent years my focus has
mainly been on knitting, but various forms of paper crafts, making jewellery and soaps are also on my list
of things I greatly enjoy. Sometimes I set my creative urges free in the kitchen as well, with varying degrees
of success. Rest assured though, the house is still standing and my partner is still alive and well.

My crafting was, is and always will be a hobby, an outlet for my creativity. I claim no great talents, I claim
only that everything I make is made with love and joy. The majority of everything I make is donated for charitable
purposes, some things I keep, and a small amount is offered as available to buy. I sell items for the lowest possible
price given the materials and time it took to make them. My shop is not about making huge profits, it's about
remaining able to get new materials, keep crafting and keep filling my donation boxes.

Next to crafting I have a passion for "rehoming"  gently preloved items. I've periodically sold preloved items
online and offline for many years in the Netherlands and since our move here I've occasionally helped friends
to sell/find what they wanted. It's my full intention to also extend that hobby into Discountdragon over time.

Where my new found blog will go from here, time will tell. It's a new adventure I'm venturing into with an open
mind and without a fixed vision of how it's going to be. I know I'm a talkative person, not afraid to express my
thoughts. I enjoy sharing my ideas and experiences. All together, this could be fun and that's exactly what I hope
it will be for you and me alike.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to get to know Discountdragon and myself a little better. Now that you
have met us, please know that you're always welcome to visit again.

Thank you for reading
Ann - Discountdragon.net