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Recently, after the disappointing discovery that my shop's current name is identical to an annoying piece of malware,
I wrote about the need to find a new name for my shop. That may sound like a fairly simple matter, but it turned out
to be a lot easier said than it was done. It's seemed so simple, just think up an alternative suitable name that you like,
buy the domain and off you go. In reality, it's not that simple at all and the internet just doesn't work like that.
For every nice name idea that you might have, it's likely that lots of other people already had that same idea as well,
meaning that the domain you want is already going to be in use by someone else.

What I was certain about is that I wanted my shop to have a .com or .co.uk domain. The obvious and therefore also popular
choices, which quite narrows down the options that are available. After spending many hours brainstorming about possible
name choices, I had to spend many more to check for available domain names, only to find out that anything that sprung to
mind was already in use. A few more evenings were spent like that. I didn't want to choose a name for only it's catchy sound,
nor something fairly random just because it's available. I wanted a name that relates to my shop as well as to me. With a
wide product range in mind and my rather diverse personality, that really didn't make it any easier.

It took a while, but I did find a new name and it does come with the personal touch that I wanted it to have.

My shop, I hope, will keep growing into an online treasure trove of unexpected finds. My online market stall, in it's own
way. Running a market stall is a passion I've had for a long time, no doubt in part due to being old enough to predate the
internet, but mainly because of the many fond memories I have from growing up with it.

My older brother would occasionally run a stall at a market on the weekends, and once I was old enough to not run around or
away when unattended, he would let his baby-sister come along to "help". Obviously the intent was to keep the kid happily
occupied on a day off from school by letting me earn a bit of extra pocket money, but I took to it quickly and it wasn't
long before my brother could sit down for lunch while leaving me to it. I loved every minute of those moments and used to
proudly tell my brother about the items I'd sold. Growing into being a teenager, there weren't many summer jobs available
in our area, so I took to what I already knew. I was only 14 years old when I first rented my own market stall and it became
my way of working to save up for the summer holidays. Periodically renting a market stall stayed with me until well into
adulthood. My older brother still does, though he now specialises in selling classic moped parts.

To be fair, it's also a part of Dutch culture. There are several big bazaar type markets steadily active across the Netherlands
and smaller local markets are organised all the time. That's aside from the fact that most Dutch people grow up with the annual
free market on Queens day, now Kings day.

These days we have the internet and it's added convenience of not having to drag boxes full of products from location to
location all the time, but I've never lost my fondness of the whole market stall concept.

Another little something about me is that I've been called Ann for many years now, but that my given name is actually Annie.
Somewhere in the late 80's I decided to "cut" 2 letters off, for health and safety reasons. My mental health and everyone
else's safety, that is.

It happens to be that I was a young teenager when likewise named musical was first released as a movie and I'm neither a
ginger nor an orphan, but that really didn't stop anyone from bursting out into a bad karaoke version of "Tomorrow" every
time I introduced myself. For a little while it was actually funny but then the movie was aired on TV and people kept doing
it for years. I'm really not a violent person in any way, but somewhere after the 150th person that starts to "sing", the
funny part is replaced by a slight urge to slap said person in the face. To top things off, a "funny" Dutch song was released
that also included my name. It became so well known that I was never able to live it down again. Same thing, over and over,
just a different tune. Eventually it became the safer option to remove 2 letters from my name in order to reduce the association,
which has worked well over the years.

After we moved to England in 2015, I started using all 5 letters of my name again. The movie association has long faded and I
assumed a 30+ year old Dutch song to be fairly unknown here. Of course it is, but I found a Dutch language job, working with
other Dutch people. That's when I learned that neither the passing of time nor a drastic change in location can stop my name
from inspiring some Dutch people to sing for me.

Here in England it's such a rare occurrence that I'm able to see an amusing side in it again. I can usually laugh it off with
a bit of banter about the age of that joke and people rarely do it more than once. Still, for any Dutch person that might read
this, Annie will not hold your bag, not even if you sing it for me.

These are the 2 short stories from my life that tell the tale of how my shop relates to the new name it will soon have. It might
seem an easily chosen name, but it adequately reflects the shop and it's very personal to me. I'm already quite fond of the
domain name and subsequently, the shop's new look. The new shop's name will be Annie's Market, found at

In the coming time the name of the shop will change on Facebook and of course an announcement will be made here when that
happens. The shop's Twitter link has always pointed to my personal account, which of course remains unchanged. I use my
Twitter account to post about the shop, but also for my other online activities and personal tweets, making it not only a
place to find shop news, but also to get to know a little more about the person that is running it.

Thank you for reading
Ann(ie) - discountdragon.net/anniesmarket.co.uk