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Lip balm is surprisingly easy to make. It doesn't take longer than 15 to 20 minutes to whip up a batch that will last for months, with only a few small empty bowls to clean up afterwards.

I've been making my own lip balm for the better part of 10 years and my favourite recipe contains only natural ingredients. The quality rivals that of branded products, but at only a fraction of the cost. Usually the costs of making my own lip balm are around £0.50 per container of 10ml, which includes buying the ingredients and the containers.

Back in the day I had to source my ingredients from specialist nature shops. These days you can easily find and buy everything you need online. You can also find complete kits in various craft stores, which is very convenient for a first try, but if making lip balm is going to be a regular thing then it's a lot more cost effective to look for the ingredients you need online.

Over the years I have shared this recipe on social media before, but I felt it should have a place here too.

To make a batch of about 100ml you need:

+/- 15g Cosmetic grade beeswax
+/- 33g Shea butter
+/- 15g Cocoa butter
+/- 33ml Sweet Almond Oil
+/- 10/15 drops of natural flavour oil

You will also need:

10x 10ml containers
A pan of water at boiling point
A jug
A spoon

My choice is to use an au-bain-marie method (a.k.a. jug in a pan of hot water) as described in this recipe,  but it's also possible to use a microwave instead. I prefer the au-bain-marie method because it heats the ingredients more evenly, resulting in a higher quality end product. When time is short or when children are present, the microwave method may be more suitable. When using a microwave, use 10 second bursts to melt the ingredients, adding them in the same order as described in the recipe.

- Start by putting the cocoa butter in the jug and allow it to melt fully.
- Add and gently stir in the beeswax until it has fully melted also.
- Now add the shea butter and gently stir until it has melted into the mix.
- Take the jug out of the water and gently stir the almond into the mix.
- Add 10 to 15 drops of your chosen flavour and again, stir a little to mix it in.
- Scoop the mixture into the containers and allow to fully cool down.

That's it, all done and enough lip balm made to last at least a whole season.

A few extra tips:

* If the mixture starts to set too soon, just put the jug back in the hot water for a moment, or if you are using a microwave, give it a quick 5 second burst.

* If you like a really soft lip balm, add a few extra drops of almond oil. If you like a lip balm that's a bit more hard, increase the amount of beeswax with around 3 grams.

* Do you like chocolate? Replace the flavour oil with a cube of your favourite chocolate. Add it to the mix as you are melting in the last ingredients and stir it into the mix.

Happy crafting!
Ann - Anniesmarket.co.uk